touch of summer - MEDIUM skin tones SPF 30

Daily Moisturizing Gradual Self-Tanning Crème that helps protect against  harmful UVA/UB rays, daily elements and sun exposure

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For MEDIUM Skin Tones

Benefits & Key Features:

  • Enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil

  • Creates a golden glow while hydrating skin

  • Subtle self-tanners help enhance skin’s natural color, tone, and radiance

  • Light-weight daily moisturizer absorbs quickly helping to hydrate, condition, soften and protect

  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30 helps protect skin from free radical damage, harmful UVA/UVB rays and sun exposure

  • Signature Citrus Fruit Complex consisting of Orange Peel, Lemon, Goji and Acai Berry extracts deliver moisture and help condition, soothe and revitalize skin from sun exposure and daily elements

  • Powerful Coffee Cherry Extract, a natural plant antioxidant, helps minimize and prevent damage to skin due to sun exposure and daily elements

  • Milk Thistle helps soothe, soften and improve skin appearance

  • Sea Lily energizes and awakens skin helping to improve skin complexion

  • Chamomile helps calm and soothe skin

  • Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, 100% Vegan,THC-Free

Beneficial Ingredients: 

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